In theses times art  projects can not rely on ticket sales alone so Fairy Dust Arts wish to thank its fellow supporters on this project. Names and links are below.

Business and others

Genral Public


Below we like to say thank you to

our crowd fundraiser supporters;

Carl Smith

Paul Ekert - (PEM Vedeo & Photographic services)


5 Dimension- blog, for blogging about us.!contact/cvrh



(Peformers on cast list) 


Petra Vondrková - Production Assistant (work placement)

Steve Walker-Volunteer

Robert Parker- Volunteer

Ashly Curran- Model​

Juraj Novosad- Model

Paul Clarke- Performer 

Stephanie Lewis-Programme 



Simon Blower:  Photographer

Adrian Robinson: Photographer

Charity Models:Photographer

Richard Parker:Photographer

Charlie James:Film


Grants General support


County Print Finishers- General support


Ideas Tap- Mentor


Paul Ekert-Film

Rachel Goth- Graphic Designer​

Bianka Kmostincova- Photographer


Consult Director: Hugh Allison


The Tulf Tavern - Performance Space.

Brasenose Collage- Performacne Space.

The White House -Rehursal Space