Oxage 2013 Reviews


After devloping Oxage: Across Portals from 2011,  we had good review, with most people wanting to 'see more'. We are now looking to seek funding and support to further devlope Oxage as a series of plays for 2014-2015. On advice on some audience members we are possibley be showing the pilot of Oxage: Phoinex of Hope. 


Below is a review. If you have seen the play and yet to review it please email us as we like to take on the comments to help us devlope the play further. 

"This is an innovative and exciting company, daring to break through theatrical inhibitions every bit as tangible as the portal between Oxford and Oxage. Fairy Dust Arts are delightfully engaging and welcoming. It is refreshing and enjoyable to walk this journey through the centre of Oxford on a fine summer evening. It is for 'children' five to ninety-five - discover Oxage! Enjoy!"

Gwilym Scourfield 2013

"I was impressed with the level of creativity throughout. It was no small task pulling all that off. There was tremendous courage, boldness and talent in the performances and the script writing."

Audeince member to film showing 2014