Oxage a new and original production that takes you on a journey to a new reality that question humanity itself. After the fall of King Peter can Oxage go back to its peaceful ways? Or will the snake in the garden of Eden cause further decline in this magical world?  Watch as Faith, Hope and Love are tested in the concluding part of the Oxage tale.


Fairy Dust Arts brings a unique experience to this new spellbinding piece,with the subtle use of storytelling to update the audience of the  Oxage story combined with an immersive theatre experience to take the audience deep into the world of Oxage.


Faith, Hope and Love is the third of the Oxage trilogy and continues the quest of our heroine, Princess Hope, as she struggles to regain Oxage fulfill her role as Peacemaker and deal with loss of her true love.

To bring this tale to the end the audience gets to physically choose their side, So which side will you choose?