In summer of 2011 Oxage was solely funded by the founder of Fairy Dust Arts, Laura Boone and with the help of volunteers a pilot was produced. Some of the previous volunteers and the founder wish to keep Oxage alive and aim to produce Oxage:Across Portals with its new developments and create the other scripts for the series of Oxage.We also plan for the 2014 prodcutions to provide work expeerince in need of new skills. To make this happen we need your help. Below are ideas on how you can help.


To save on outgoings we also happy to receive support in kind.

We have had some local business and people donate small items. If you have any unwanted items or  you have any services you can provide or any venues or rooms to let for free please contact info@fairydustarts.co.uk


Fairy Dust Arts will be hosting events were profits will go to the Oxage project. Buy attending a event you will help in donating to the project. Upcoming events can be found on www.fairydustarts.co.uk or the news page. You can also create your on events and give the profits to the project.

In terms of monetary funds we currently have one small source thus any monetary help is gratefully received.Support us from as little as £1 by clicking on our funding campagine
Will you help keep Oxage alive? or


As there is no funds or regular income Fairy Dust Arts and Oxage relies on volunteers to help with things such as marketing, designing and photographs. If you have any particular skill you wish to gain experience in or offer please email info@fairydustarts.co.uk or contact through Oxage's facebook page.