The Birth of Oxage

The ideas of Oxage came from humble beginnings. The founder gained ideas from the locations first and the idea off what if the wrong person was in power. With the help of local script writers the idea was developed and two completely different worlds with different social standards was created.
From these basic ideas we wrote a magical tale of adventure, love and conflict and how a once utopia has turned in a dystopia. With the help of our amazing volunteers t​his tale was told in summer 2011 and Oxage was born. After remaking it for 2013 the audience members requested us to develop the second part of the story.


Now we have developed the script and re produced Oxage: Across Portals to set the 'ball rolling' for the full prodcution of Oxage in 2014-2015. We will use the three plays as a way to give work experience to people in the local communinty who are in need of new work and life skills.
To make this happen we are looking for your support, to find how you can support us please press the support tap.

'OXAGE: Across Portals'; The story is about a lost girl in Oxage on a quest and her only way home is to find the rightful heir to the throne. This will be performed in the streets of Oxford in 2013​. 

‘OXAGE: Phoenix of Hope’; After finding the princess Hope, will the girl survive the clutches of the king and return Hope to the rightful place on the throne?

‘OXAGE: Faith, Hope and Love’; Oxage can breathe again with the King gone but will this new enemy destroy their last piece of hope?

‘OXAGE: The dawn of the red sky’; We are taken back to the source of destruction of the old ways of Oxage. (This will be written depending on how the other three play goes)

Extract from Oxage:Across portals 2011

 Promo trailer for 2013 Oxage: Across Portals.

After the success of Oxage: Across Portals 2013, we are now planning to prodcue the secound script Oxage:Phoenix of Hope


We are looking for as much support as poosible to make the secound scipt as good or even better to carry the story of Oxage along. 



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