First of all I like to say thank you to all the volunteers that were involved in Oxage 2011 and Oxage 2013



Good evening to you to all, my name is Fortune and I will be leading you on a rather strange journey, there is no need to be alarmed in any fashion, for where I’m about to take you is a world that is much the same as yours. Where those wielding power will use it in the most vile manner to keep those they are supposed to protect in perpetual fear. This was not always been the way oh no no no no. What sent me here with you today is a shocking story, and one which I shall have to tell you before we continue on this journey.
Once upon a time when the Queen was still alive we used to live in a world of music, dance, play, write and read, with freedom to express ourselves in any fashion on a respectful nature.
In our world it was the Queen that had the final say, and not the King. Our world used to be of love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, gentleness and self-control.  But then the Queen married one of you lot. He came through the porthole many many years ago, and was greeted by all with love, he was a wonder, unique, and seemed to be one of us, and told us of the horrors from your world.   The alien tricked us and we begin to give his world our resources. Slowly he manipulation us and his true powers showed. Sadly the Queen mysteriously passed away and it became worse, we became his slaves and he used our world to feed his power and greed in his world. He started to make a thing called ‘class’ and gave power to his loyal men the ‘Gators’ who used fear and manipulation to control us.
Some of the old teachers in our world were starting to meet in private and discuss our situation and from these meetings the rebellion was born! Our first priority was to ensure the safety of the princess Hope. I was chosen as her protector, being as I was, so the King ‘dogs body’ a ‘true believer’ in the “Great Helping”. I became their spy, I also became Hope’s trusted friend. The rebellion went from strength to strength. Then, on one of our final strikes we were ambushed, the princess was nearly killed. There was a traitor in our rebellion. She voiced her concerns and with her spirit and trust gone she pleaded me to take her through the porthole. Well that was a risky itself getting the knowledge off the king. Now it has been some time since the princess disappeared and both the rebellion and the king want her back!!!